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Mckinnon's Louisiane Restaurant age 35

In reviewing the early `7O's "dinning in Atlanta" guides, some of the old standby restaurants were wistfully remembered... such as the Pleasant Peasant, Joe Dale's Cajun House, Clarence Foster, Gene and Gabe's, Midnight Sun, Aunt Fanny's, and of course, Pittypat's Porch. only a few remain: Jim White's Halfshell, Nakato, Alfredo's, and Mckinnon's Louisiane.

In the institution of Buckhead, Mckinnon's Louisiane, which celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in April 2002. Recently ownership was passed to  Aziz Mehram, General manager since 1980.  His nephew, Bill Glendinning (Consulting Chef) Since 1975,  No short termers here.

Billy Mckinnon's first career as a stockbroker ended after seven years when, as Billy said, "we discovered we weren't for each other." He had been a "hobby" cook since college and focused on the best of American cuisine, that, of course, being Creole. To that end Mckinnon went to New Orleans to hone his skills at the source. He apprenticed at hallowed Galatoire's restaurant, which is still a New Orleans staple for old-line natives' and subsequently returned to Atlanta to practice his new found craft.

Billy recently said that he was grateful and felt awfully lucky to change career in mid-life to one that enabled him to look forward to each and every day at his job and love it.

Atlanta quickly accepted this "new" cuisine and Mckinnon's became a destination restaurant for many famous Atlanta's such as Dick Rich, loan Allen, Sam Massel and the late Senator Paul Coverdell. Table "81 " was the Coverdell's favorite table and it was occupied each election eve for good luck by Mrs. Nancy Coverdell and friends.

Mckinnon's kitchen has always been the backbone of the restaurant, and today it still serves the marvelous Louisiana seafood dishes reflecting the refined cooking of Creole New Orleans as well as the more pungent, highly seasoned dishes of Cajun bayou. Mckinnon's main dining room is elegant and warm while the grill room offers a more casual dining experience. Dinner is served Everynight and reservations are suggested. Located on Maple Or. at Peachtree, the restaurant is only minutes from Buckhead hotels.

And speaking of dishes and traditions, Mckinnon's stuffed eggplant (a casserole with shrimp, crab and eggplant to die for) is guaranteed to get an expectant and past due mom to deliver. Billy says, "if an expectant mom is a day over 9 months and has my stuffed eggplant, we will promise baby in 48 hours or dinner is "on the house." Needless to say there is quite a parade of past due parents at the restaurant.

Today Billy Mckinnon spans much of his time in coastal Darien, Georgia, gathering fish, shrimp and crab to be trucked to the restaurant in Atlanta. Thirty years does make Mckinnon's Louisiane an institution and tradition. A tradition that is part of the strong fabric of Atlanta's diversity of peoples and their foods.